One of the top priorities of your home maintenance is the roof inspection. This task allows you to get ahead of issues that will otherwise cost you a lot of money. Be doing routine visual checks from the ground, you can perform your own inspection. You can also seek the assistance of reliable roofing services Jersey City if you notice any issues. These professionals can provide a more comprehensive inspection.

Furthermore, you have to contact a professional at least two times every year for inspection. Here are a couple of roof areas and issues you have to concentrate on.

Poor Ventilation

If your attic is not ventilated properly, it can break roofing from below. The heat can escape and bake your roof from the inside out if the ventilation isn’t absorbent. This will cause chipping and cracking.

Furthermore, poor ventilation can cause ice and snow to freeze and melt again and again. This continuous thawing can lift flashing from its place. Thus, it opens up your house for even more damage from harsh weather.

Tree Damage

Even a minor blast of air can knock off a band of flashing or tiles from the roof if a particular tree has overgrown. You should call a roof repair company right away if your trees get too big. This will help them see if they can refer you to a reputable tree service company.

You have to ensure that the tree service company does not completely get rid of the tree. The reason for this is that trees can provide shade and rain-catching capabilities that can help protect the roof.


The metal strip utilized to protect and seal the roof from water infiltration is called flashing. Typically, it’s installed around intersections or joints. This includes valleys, chimneys, and vents. It is crucial to inspect them for rust spots and cracks since these are places where water frequently pools on the roof. In addition to that, you also have to check if the sealant is shrinking around the edges.


One of the main parts of the roofing system is your gutter. It plays a vital part in keeping your house damage-free and dry. Unluckily, they can get clogged easily with debris. Whenever this occurs, water can back up onto the roof and leak through your shingles. In addition to that, water can pool around the foundation of your house, causing damage. It is vital that you clean the gutters at least two times every year. This will help avoid clogging and related problems. Also, you can have a gutter protection system installed. This will help keep your system clog-free across the seasons.


Buckling or curling roofing shingles typically point to an issue with ventilation. Moist air gets trapped in the attic whenever it is hot. This can heat up the shingle’s underside. This will result in buckling or curling. This offers easy access for leaks. In addition to that, you should search for dark spots on the roof. This usually means a couple of shingles are missing.